What role does display driver IC play in LED screen display

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Many ICs can be seen on the PCB on the back of the LED display. What impact and function will these LED display drive ICs have? This article will introduce the role of ED display driver IC and the trend of energy saving and integration.

The role of driver IC in full-color LED display is to receive the protocol of internal production time PWM to display data (receive video card or processor information from the source).
The current output brightness level refresh and other related PMW current can light up the LED. The display driver IC, logic IC and display peripheral matching IC work together on the LED display and determine its current display status.
LED driver chip category: general and special
The general chip itself is not specially designed for LED, but some logic chips have the logic function of LED display part.
The special chip is designed for LED display driver according to LED luminous characteristics. LED has current characteristics of the device, that is, under the premise of saturated conduction, the brightness will change with the change of current, rather than by adjusting the voltage at both ends. Therefore, one of the characteristics of special chip is to provide constant current. Constant current can ensure the stability of LED driver and eliminate the flicker of LED, which is the premise of high-quality LED display. Some special chips for different industries also add some special functions, such as LED error detection and current gain control.
Sunmoon intelligent module management chip sum6062 / sum6060
Sun Moon display peripheral chip sum74hc245 / sum74hc138
Driving the development of IC
In the 1990s, LED display was applied on the basis of monochrome, using constant voltage driving IC. In 1997, China experienced the first generation of LED display dedicated driver ic9701, whose gray scale ranges from 16 to 8192, achieving the WYSIWYG effect. Then, the luminous characteristics of LED constant current driver become the choice of full-color LED display driver, and the 16 channel 8-channel driver with higher integration replaces the driver. In the late 1990s, Toshiba of Japan, Ti of the United States and riyuecheng of China successively launched 16 channel constant current LED driver chips. At the beginning of the 21st century, companies in Taiwan also began to produce and use driver chips one after another. Now, in order to solve the PCB wiring problem of small spacing LED display, riyuecheng has launched a highly integrated 32 scan 48 channel constant current LED driver chip.
Sunmoon performance chip sum6082 series and sum6086 series
Performance of driver IC
Among the performance indicators of LED display, image refresh rate and gray expression are one of the most important indicators. This requires a high consistency of current between channels of LED display driver IC, high speed communication interface rate and constant response speed. In the past, the relationship among refresh rate, gray scale and utilization rate has changed. One or two indicators can perform better by sacrificing one of them. Therefore, many LED displays are difficult to achieve both in practice, either the refresh is not enough, high-speed camera equipment shooting prone to black lines, or the gray is not enough, the color is inconsistent. With the development of technology to drive the development of IC R & D level, it has been able to solve these problems. In the application of LED full-color display, in order to ensure long-term eye comfort, low brightness and high ash content become a particularly important standard to test the performance of driver IC

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