How to install and test outdoor LED advertising screen better?


How to install and debug outdoor LED advertisement screen better, which involves the installation link is the most important. For professional technicians, first, to understand the outdoor construction, second, to understand the maintenance of display screen skills, which will effectively promote the development of commercial advertising, information dissemination, but also professional and technical personnel must be familiar with the content, specifically, outdoor LED display. There are four links in the installation of the display screen: field investigation, building equipment, installation of the display screen, debugging and use of the display screen.

I. Field visits

Generally speaking, before installation of outdoor LED display screen, it is necessary to conduct a specific field investigation of the environment, such as topography, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptance ability and other parameters of a comprehensive test. In order to ensure the smooth installation of the display screen, this requirement requires that before lifting installation, the commander must be trained in a lifting scheme, so as to be more effective. Good assurance can operate the equipment normally and steadily. In different situations, it is different to take a more appropriate approach.

II. Display screen construction equipment

According to the results of the field investigation, the implementation plan was determined, and then the construction equipment of the LED display screen had to be carried out. While building these outdoor LED display screens, we must distinguish wall advertising screen, hanging advertising display screen and roof type advertising display screen. In the actual installation of the display screen, according to the height and distance of the display screen, crane and hoist should be used to segment the lifting, while ensuring that the above personnel cooperate with each other and the safety of personnel, for this kind of high-altitude operation of the LED advertising screen, there is a better installation and use process. Therefore, in the construction process, security and fine operation is the most important requirement.

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