Reasons for Stripes on LED Display Screen and the Solve Method

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If stripes appear on the LED display screen, especially in the use of horizontal stripes or vertical stripes, it will directly affect the playback effect and viewing experience of the LED display screen, especially in shopping malls, pedestrian streets and other places where there is a lot of traffic. So how can we investigate and solve this problem? Let’s listen to some professionals’opinions.

First of all, for the phenomenon of stripes on the LED screen, we can be sure that there is no problem with the LED screen, generally the power supply, control card (including adapter board) and software problems.

1) Restart the power supply and try it.

2) Maybe the board is broken. Try it upside down with the back.

3) See if the power supply for the display screen is good (there is a small green light on the power supply that is normally on, if it is off, it will be broken, and there may be insufficient voltage when the light is on).

4) The above two are not good may be the control card program problems. Try reloading the file.

5) The control card is out of order or out of order. The key point of the control card problem is the adapter board. Do you connect yourself to jumper on the adapter board, which leads to stripes on the LED display screen? If it occasionally appears when playing, please change the way of playing.

Above is the solution of the stripe on the LED display screen. In addition, there are many people feedback that water ripple appears on the screen of the LED display screen, commonly known as “water ripple”, which is different from the problem of stripe. It is not the problem of the quality of the LED screen. The water ripple is related to the distance of shooting angle and the refresh frequency of the screen, so it needs to be mentioned in passing here.

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