How much is the rental full-color LED display screen per square?


How much is the LED screen per square? For customers who want to buy LED screens, besides caring about product quality, price is also a crucial factor. But the price of LED display is related to many factors. To understand the price clearly, please look down.

The cost of a square meter of LED display screen is closely related to the basic configuration of the LED screen, including LED beads, chips, box materials, and even related to the processing technology of direct insertion or table pasting. Generally, the die-cast aluminum LED box is more durable than the sheet metal box, but the price is also higher.

At present, the most used outdoor P10 full-color display screen, the price range of 3000-5000 yuan/square meters, due to market changes, here for reference only. Each LED display manufacturer’s quotation will be different, the quality and performance will be different. And cheaper ones, less than 2000, but cheaper products are generally not cost-effective, quality is not guaranteed, the probability of problems is high, after-sales difficulties. We reminds you that the price of LED display is not the only factor. We should take into account the regularity of manufacturers, the use of products, the environment and so on.

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