The Opportunities and Challenges of LED Display Screen Co-exist


Many times, opportunities and challenges coexist in the LED display industry. After the ups and downs, the development of the LED industry presents a new attitude. Many LED display manufacturers are in short supply of LED chips, including the upstream leading enterprises of LED chips, which are busy with increasing production and prices; the middle-stream enterprises’LED packaging capacity is also rising continuously, turning from semi-automation to automation. The future of the downstream LED display market is also very broad, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. China will become the top priority of the global LED display producers. From the overall perspective, the trend of the LED industry is very optimistic, and the development of the LED display industry will be better and better.

However, we are in the manufacturing industry, LED display manufacturers still have a lot of difficult problems to solve, these problems are more caused by the manufacturing industry itself, but also by the bad business of enterprises. But in any case, these problems are deeply troubling the common development of display enterprises. If these problems can not be solved in time, even if LED display enterprises have a good industry development status before, it is also an invisible and chronic suicide, and miss the good opportunity for enterprise development. So how can LED display companies treat these crises and solve them?

In the case of rising labor costs, many led manufacturing enterprises have begun to increase investment in hardware, improve factory automation and reduce labor costs. In recent years, LED display enterprises have also paid great attention to the investment and introduction of enterprise automation hardware production equipment. Many LED display production workshops only need machine-like operators, which greatly reduces human costs. 。 However, it has to be pointed out that there are many small and medium-sized enterprises of LED display manufacturers in China. Due to the restriction of capital and enterprise strength, many factories can not realize automatic production, and it is also difficult to realize transformation and development.

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