Common Sense for the Use of LED Display Screen Wall for advertising


Many people don’t know the common sense that can’t be ignored in the process of using LED display screen. For LED people, the project of LED display screen is a huge system engineering. From product production to project completion, the whole manufacturing process needs standardization, so as to ensure the quality of the screen and ensure the successful building and long-term operation of the project. However, some people in the process of using the LED display screen, due to the lack of basic knowledge of the LED display screen, easy to develop bad habits of use, long-term irregular operation of the LED display screen itself a lot of hardware damage. Have you really noticed the following details in the use process?

II. Relevant matters needing attention in power supply

1. The LED module is supplied by DC + 5V (working voltage: 4.2-5.2V). It is forbidden to use AC power supply; the positive and negative terminals of power supply are strictly forbidden to connect with each other.

2. Power supply voltage of LED display sign: 220V + 10% frequency: 50HZ + 5%;

3. Safe and reliable earth contact, reliable isolation between ground wire and zero wire, access power away from high-power electrical equipment;

4. If abnormal phenomena such as short circuit, tripping, wire burning and smoking are found, the power test should not be repeated, and the problem should be found in time.

5. Maintain the stability of power supply, and do a good job of grounding protection to avoid lightning strike. Do not use it in harsh natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather.

6. It is necessary to supply power to the large screen step by step, because the maximum power state of the whole screen will impact the whole distribution system.

7. LED display screen is not allowed to play full-white screen with the highest brightness for more than half an hour, in order to avoid excessive current, heating of power cord, damage of LED lamp, affecting the service life of the display screen, it is recommended to play dynamic video mainly.

8. In the process of using the LED display products, the power supply can not be turned on or off continuously, and the operation between the two should be at least one minute apart.

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