How to face the rising price trend of LED video display panels?


Many LED display manufacturers are expanding their own business, which has resulted in overcapacity and continued price decline, making the LED industry unprecedented changes. From 2017 to now, with the continuous growth of the demand of users, the relationship between the LED display industry is also gradually improving, and there are many manufacturers of product price increases. The recent price increase has not stopped, but is still growing. According to relevant industry sources, the price increase has become a foregone conclusion and will not change again.

At present, the vast majority of LED enterprises are using optimization of product structure to save the original materials of products; shrinking production procedures to reduce labor costs; to achieve the expansion of enterprise output, increase sales and other ways to resolve the huge pressure brought about by price increases. Many industry insiders said, “Most enterprises still take a wait-and-see attitude. If the price hike continues to strengthen in the future, involving the bottom line of enterprise management, then enterprises will maintain their own operation through a large number of price increases.”

As the improvement of technology and performance of many LED components, it has brought a good foundation for the technical deepening and improvement of LED display products, which has made the application of LED display get a good reputation and publicity in various fields of social life. Many experts said that the concept of LED enterprises in China is gradually changing, and more and more middle and lower class enterprises have begun to deploy strategically, gradually attaching importance to intellectual property rights, learning and applying to science and technology to improve themselves.

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