Difference between stage LED color screen and conventional LED screen?


What are the specifications of stage LED colour screen, which are different from conventional LED screen? We all know that the stage LED color screen is mainly to foil the effect of the main screen and create the stage atmosphere. It is simpler than conventional LED display screen, so what are the specifications of stage LED color screen and what are the differences from conventional LED display screen?

LED colour curtain points are generally relatively large spacing, viewing distance is relatively long, used in large-scale display effect, low cost is the advantage, mainly used for indoor and outdoor concert background, building curtain wall, advertising screen, nightclubs, dance halls, etc. Stage LED color screen specifications, outdoor commonly used P12 P16 P20 LED grid screen, indoor commonly used P6 P7.62 model. Now the popular high-definition screen of Lianchengfa P12.5 on the market has many advantages, such as large viewing angle and higher definition, compared with the conventional grid screen. When choosing a product, you should consider not only the model and cost budget, but also the environment in which you use it.

Stage LED color screen is different from conventional LED screen as follows:

1. Modular design, more convenient for installation and maintenance.

2. Aluminum structure module, weight is only about 30% of the conventional LED display screen.

With the development of stage industry, LED color screen has broad prospects for development. It is developing towards higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability and panchromaticity.

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