Street Poster LED Screen P8 with great overseas Market Feedback


Traditional advertisement publishing of outdoor LED display screen is realized through direct connection or single updating by using U disk, or only through 3G or 4G to realize online publishing of text advertisement information. Due to the limitation of technology and transmission speed, traditional LED display screen updating methods can not meet the needs of remote real-time multimedia advertising information. With the continuous innovation and progress of science and technology, 3G wireless communication has been applied to the LED display screen, which makes it possible to construct large-scale remote networked LED advertising information publishing, and this new outdoor media is widely used. Change the original pattern of advertising industry.

Street lamp screens P5, P6 and P8 emerged under such circumstances. They can publish media information remotely and in real time, transmit media information quickly, play video, animation and pictures smoothly, have better visual effect, modular design of products, and are easy to install and maintain.

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