What are the ways for LED display screen to expand into foreign markets?


What are the ways for LED display to reach foreign markets? In recent years, the domestic LED display enterprises have undergone tremendous changes abroad. It is no longer the patents of the leading led screen enterprises to enter the overseas market. Many enterprises have taken root overseas by adopting many successful methods such as transnational mergers and acquisitions, overseas factory construction or project contracting. Many display enterprises have successfully joined the “foreign trade” in China, and they have not only realized this goal. The international market channels, the existing brand value of international large factories, core patents and other technologies, but also enhance the international competitiveness of their own enterprises.

And now both the export situation and the national export policy have opened up excellent conditions for Chinese LED display enterprises to enter foreign markets. Facing such a good export situation, in 2017, domestic LED display enterprises are making great strides towards overseas markets. So, if China’s LED display companies want to expand overseas market, what is its successful way?

1. The international market demand for small spacing is booming.

2017 is a year of continuous outbreak of small spacing LED display products, small spacing LED display began to be widely used in the market, and even some enterprises have achieved mass production. The price of small spacing LED display products is expected to decrease, and the trend towards outdoor display and stage rental is also very obvious.

According to relevant industry sources, the small-spacing LED display products will probably reach nearly 5 billion by 2020. It is expected that the small-spacing LED market will still maintain a steady growth of 25%-35%. The increasing popularity of small-spacing technology in the international market also makes China’s LED display take the lead in the foreign market. With many domestic manufacturers of LED display widely involved in the field of small-spacing LED display, small-spacing technology will be further improved, faster to achieve mass production, thus further promoting small-spacing LED display products to foreign markets.

2. Large Sports Events Drive the Growth of Overseas Market

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