The Charm of Small Pixel Pitch HD TV LED Display Screen


With the rapid development of modern society and the maturity of small HD LED display technology, the point spacing of small pitch LED display is becoming smaller and smaller. Now the market has introduced small spacing LED display screens such as P1.0, P1.2, P1.4, P1.2 and P.9, which have been widely used in video conferencing, monitoring center, monitoring center, etc. Television media and other fields. And in recent years, small-spacing display has many advantages, such as high-definition display, high refresh frequency, seamless stitching, good heat dissipation system, easy disassembly and assembly, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. Moreover, the specific technology of small-spacing LED screen has been very popular, many people “know nothing about it.” Second, the lack of professional knowledge of display screens has resulted in a big blind spot in the selection and purchase. So from the technical level, what are the advantages of small spacing?

2. Packaging technology:

Most of the display screens above P2 density adopt 1515, 2020, 3528 lamps, and the shape of LED pins adopt J or L packaging. More emphasis is placed on the welding pin, because the welding area will have a reflection, poor ink effect, it is necessary to increase the mask to improve its contrast. As a result, the density is further increased, because the packaging technology of L-swinging J can not meet the demand very well, so QFN must be used. This process is characterized by no side welding pins and no reflection in the welding area, which makes the display effect of the display screen very good. In this way, the picture quality effect of the display application will be better and more attractive than that of the previous display screen.

To satisfy customers’requirements for precise display, high efficiency, energy saving, stable, reliable and excellent quality of small-spacing LED display products is the production requirement of small-spacing LED manufacturers. Only by making these better and better can small-spacing LED displays bring the best display effect to the majority of users, and can users buy with confidence and use them.

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