Is it preferable to buy small fine pitch led panels for LED display?

SMD-Advertisement-500-500-mm-Aluminum-cabinet panel

It is said that point spacing is one of the important technical parameters of LED display screen, which directly affects the quality of the display and the best viewing distance of the display screen. The smaller the point spacing (i.e. the value of spacing), the more pixels in the unit area of the display screen, so it can improve the resolution and the best viewing distance of the LED display screen. In short, the smaller the point spacing, the closer the audience will be able to view the display screen and obtain high-definition display effect.

So, buy and use LED display screen are point spacing (i. E. spacing value) smaller, the better? we can tell you secretly: if you don’t consider how much it will cost, it’s not wrong to choose a small space, of course, the probability is too small. However, although small dot spacing is more conducive to HD led display, it is more expensive.

In a small spacing LED display screen with a certain unit area, the smaller the spacing of points, the more pixels there are in the display screen, and the higher the cost correspondingly. If the audience needs to be far away from the display screen, there is no need for ultra-small spacing LED display screen.

Therefore, when choosing the LED display screen, we can synthesize the distance and cost budget between the audience and the display screen to select a suitable distance display screen.

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