What is the market trend of small pitch LED display panel?


Speaking of the market trend of small pitch LED display, we should first say how small spacing can be called small spacing in the field of LED display. Small spacing LED display refers to indoor LED display with spacing below P2.5, mainly including P2.5, P2.0, P1.8, P1.6 and other LED display products.

If market application is used as a result-oriented analysis, small spacing is still “commerce is king”. At present, the small spacing of LED is mainly commercial. The display area can be customized according to the actual use scenario, and the display effect of seamless splicing can be achieved. This is a major advantage that other commercial display products do not have. For the civil market, because the cost of purchase and use of products in a longer period of time, they do not have the advantage to compete with more than P2.5 display screens, therefore, only some high-end people will demand high-quality audio and video experience, which will not become the mainstream.

But in general, since we have entered the field of small spacing LED display, in the future, if enterprises can further control production costs and get more technical support, the market occupancy rate of rental LED display may also reach a new coverage.

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