How to reduce the vacancy rate of LED advertising display?


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LED advertising display has become an information carrier that advertisers must use. How to minimize the vacancy rate of LED advertising display? This is the problem that the merchants have to solve. A recent hot article on the LED industry website reported that the LED large screen in a building in Hangzhou and the LED lighting of the building were linked together, and the outdoor advertising was presented in a unique way.

The overall environment is sluggish, and excessive economic stimulus has caused advertisers to budget

In recent years, many outdoor LED displays have fallen into the dilemma of losing money. It is not difficult to find that there are three main reasons for the loss of large-screen operation: one is the strong support of the government and the market’s support, the major cities. The market impact brought by the surge in the number of outdoor LED large screens, whether it is local operation or large-scale operation in the country, must face the dilemma of secondary investment. For traditional LED advertising screens, even a customer does not have to play advertisements around the clock. Moreover, the longer the second investment slot period, the greater the loss of profits, which is the problem that most big-screen operators cannot escape. The other is that the outdoor advertising operation mode is not very reasonable. The LED outdoor advertising is standardized and cannot be really done. To a virtuous circle. The advertising industry is a barometer of the economy. The big environment is sluggish, and it is natural for advertisers to reduce advertising costs. On the one hand, the merger of giant companies with competitive relationships has also affected the overall revenue of the advertising industry to a certain extent, such as 58 and market, Youku and potatoes.

Outdoor advertising media prices are high, bargaining power is weak, most can not afford

The high price of outdoor advertising is naturally due to the high cost of outdoor media and high cost, such as high-speed single-column big-name advertising, LED large-screen advertising in the railway station square. It is considered that the price of the bus shelter light box advertisement and the frame advertisement is relatively low, but the general package type is quantitatively distributed, and the total amount is relatively high.

Traditional outdoor advertising media industry monopolistic operation, ordinary advertisers have no door to launch

Regarding the problem of LED big screen vacancy, advertisers are also trying their best to find ways to solve the current situation, but the results are not satisfactory. Today, we have the problem of vacant LED large screens, in addition to designing LEDs to lead to the entire building, by re-study what we believe – “ad sharing, screen-connected world”, through Internet technology, thinking and model innovation, Transform traditional advertising management methods, create a full-media DSP trading platform and an intensive one-stop Internet procurement platform.

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