Led transparent displays is the future growth of the LED display ?


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The LED display industry is currently reaching an unprecedented development, so where will its future growth space be? LED grille screen, yes, LED transparent screen is also often referred to as LED grille screen, LED transparent screen. LED grille screen, also known as power-on illuminating glass, electronically controlled illuminating glass, is a high-tech product that embeds LED light source into glass to form various patterns and patterns. It was first invented by Germany and successfully developed in China in 2006. LED grille screen is transparent, explosion-proof, waterproof, UV-resistant, designable, etc. It is mainly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture design, lighting design, outdoor curtain wall glass, sun room design and other fields.

LED grille screen technology can make the glass surface invisible, suitable for all kinds of flat panels and curved glass, to meet the various design application needs of customers. The LED grille screen itself is a safety glass, and it is a laminated glass for building. It has the energy-saving effect of UV protection and partial infrared rays. It has partial sound insulation function and can be widely used in indoor and outdoor applications. Due to the energy-saving characteristics of the LED itself, the LED grille screen is extremely energy-saving, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

In the future, LED grille screens and transparent LED displays may be more closely integrated, and promote the technological innovation of the display industry, and its future development potential is limitless.

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