The core of the LED display accessories – led display lamps


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The reason why the led display can display a colorful pattern is because it is composed of a combination of many led lights. Because led lamp bead is the most expensive and most used component of the display, it plays a decisive role in the quality of the led display.

The following is for everyone to decrypt the key components of the led display screens – led lamp beads on the display screen:

First, the brightness

The brightness of the led bead is an important determinant of the brightness of the display. The higher its brightness, the greater the margin of current usage, which is beneficial for saving power and maintaining display stability. And it has different angle values. In the case of the same brightness of the chip, the smaller the angle, the brighter the led lamp bead, but the smaller the viewing angle of the display. For displays with different dot pitches and different line of sight, a balance should be found in brightness, angle and price.

Second, the perspective

Since the viewing angle of the led lamp bead will determine the viewing angle of the led display. Especially on some high-rise buildings, the display has a higher vertical viewing angle. The viewing angle and brightness will not be balanced, and the large viewing angle will inevitably reduce the brightness, so the choice of viewing angle needs to be determined according to the specific use.

Third, the failure rate of LED lamp beads and attenuation characteristics

We often find that the led display rental will experience a decrease in brightness and display color inconsistency after a long period of work, and the entire display screen will appear, which is mainly due to the brightness attenuation characteristics of the LED. In addition to its own factors, the attenuation characteristics are related to the current used, the design of the heat dissipation of the PCB, and the ambient temperature used by the display.

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