How to solve the problem of LED display screen wall panel failure?

How to solve the LED display screen failure? The full-color LED display screen can not be displayed normally for a variety of reasons, to make a summary of how to solve the full-color LED display screen.

If the new screen is powered on, it may be that the control card settings are not scanned correctly, or the cable is not plugged in (check the cable from the control card to the first board). This problem can also occur when the 5V power supply is connected incorrectly.

If you suddenly find this phenomenon after using it for a while, in addition to the control card failure, the biggest possibility is that the board is filled with water to burn the chip or power.

Also try to connect the display of a DVI interface first, see if the DVI output port of the graphics card is normal. In the case of a general star rain card, the resolution of the DVI interface is 1024*768. The cause of the LED display screen may also be a problem with the graphics card or a driver problem. Try to unplug the network cable of the receiving card behind the display and press the debug button on the receiving card to see if the screen scan is normal.

In addition, other reasons that cause the full-color LED display screen panel are also provided for your reference:

1, LED display screen can not be displayed

Solution: Check if the power supply of the electronic display is normal, and if there is a 220V power input.

2, LED electronic display is not normal, flower screen

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