Indoor LED display market has been competitive for many manufacturers


Today, LED display screen is inseparable from people’s lives. Indoor LED display screen has become a must for many LED enterprises. From the 1990s to the present, the rapid development trend of LED display is obvious to all. Full-color indoor LED display has become the main application product of LED display products by virtue of vivid, rich, dazzling diversified/intelligent display effect, coupled with the stable improvement of cost-effective ratio.

Indoor LED Display Screen

According to relevant statistics, in the past year, although the market share of outdoor LED display applications has increased more than in previous years, the main source of growth is the innovation of products and the rapid improvement of product performance, not the improvement of product sales. This also means that the production and operation mode of the former model has been out of date, and can no longer promote the development of the industry itself. In addition, with the gradual improvement of outdoor light pollution, and the approval of outdoor installation of large LED screens is becoming stricter, the technical standards of products are more stringent, many low-grade products are used, and the LED display manufacturers that improve product technology level are more focused on the indoor LED display market.

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