The secret to protect outdoor LED display screen in hurricanes


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Recently, Typhoon Miaobai landed in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Affected by “Miao Bai”, heavy storms and rains took turns, schools in the region were suspended, and some employers were suspended… The impact of numerous losses, so those who buy outdoor LED display screen households do not have a sense of reassurance.

According to the statistics of the authoritative agencies, there are 4.2 Typhoons Affecting Shenzhen on average every year, with multiple occurrences from July to October. Among them, there are 13 typhoons landing in Shenzhen with wind power above 12 level between 1949 and 2015. Every strong typhoon will cause extensive and serious damage to municipal facilities. Tree collapse, house collapse, communication, water, electricity, oil and gas damage and even interruption, all kinds of safety accidents occur frequently. Its impact is wide and destructive, and it is one of the most serious natural disasters affecting Shenzhen.

Typhoon often brings lightning hazards to the steel structure of outdoor LED display screen wall, in order to avoid the invasion of outdoor LED display screen by typhoon, and the resulting human and financial damage. we install the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display screen in strict accordance with the standard of typhoon resistance grade, so that it has certain anti-seismic ability; connects the steel structure with the outer shell of the LED display screen, completes the equipotential and grounding treatment, and synchronously installs lightning rods on the support structure to do a good job of lightning protection.

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