Indoor small pixel pitch LED display will be popular in the future


At present, the domestic small pixel pitch LED display develops rapidly, and the HD TV led wall between the screens is getting smaller and smaller. In the existing application market, the small-spacing LED display screen with the size of P2.0mm has become very common. In contrast to this change, the Chinese market is now becoming the global LED industry center. Driven by the small-spacing LED products, Chinese LED display manufacturers In the chip, packaging, service, after-sales and other applications have set off a wave, in the indoor small spacing LED will also be further developed.

Product Diagram of Small Spacing LED Display Screen

Small-spacing LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor forms. At present, small-spacing LED display is mainly used in indoor and outdoor environments. It is limited to a relatively small number of problems. Although the small-spacing LED display has not reached an unusually hot level in the market, many manufacturers have opened up several new application modes.

Likewise, in the field of stage lighting, indoor small spacing LED display will also be applied. The stage rental screen designed and manufactured by us will carry the small spacing LED display screen with point spacing of P2.5 specification on the stage LED display screen. This screen has a powerful protection measure, which can easily cope with the more complex indoor environment, because it uses non-glassy design, and the screen display is effective. The fruit is also better. Through this small spacing LED display can make the stage more dramatic and ornamental, but also for the majority of users to provide better convenience services. With the in-depth development and application of LED display in various fields of society, indoor small spacing LED display has been more and more widely used in the indoor field. I believe that in the next few years, small spacing LED display will be an opportunity to explode.

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