Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen ushers in a new era of intelligence


Up to now, the spacing of LED display screen has reached normal P1.0 or even P 0.5. With the continuous research and breakthrough of led screen display packaging technology, screen surface treatment and video processor technology, LED display screen has become a hot spot in the industry. We have demonstrated 8K LED display products. The breakthrough of excellent display quality  first makes small spacing LED display screen penetrate into all fields of the world with the momentum of thunder and lightning; secondly, we begin to aim at meeting the intelligent application and research of higher display screen. It has been proved that the LED display industry represented by small spacing display screen is welcoming the arrival of the era of intelligent display.

Product Diagram of LED Display Screen

Many people may not know the history of the development of LED display screen. In fact, before the 1990s, the LED display screen only satisfied some single color image display. After the 1990s, with the rapid development of the information industry, the ability of color enrichment and video processing has been greatly improved, and the LED display screen has more frequent access to the platform, sports, advertising, etc. In the past two years, commercial advertisement and other major application fields have ushered in a trend of simpler and more convenient for the people, such as small space between watches, COB and Micro LED. With the expansion of application fields in all walks of life, higher requirements have been put forward for the use of LED display screen, and installation is more convenient and convenient, so the intelligent LED display screen with high efficiency has become an appropriate one. The main trend of modern society.

The development of small-spacing LED display is only becoming more and more mature, which means that the era of intelligence has quietly come. The social attitude based on intelligence will lead a new round of baptism of the whole social application technology. This baptism is vividly manifested in commodities, technology, and other major applications, which has already appeared in the current field of LED display, and the current LED display screen. The control system has already shown itself clearly in signal recognition, remote monitoring, touch display and other aspects. It has begun to emerge in the current urban traffic, security monitoring and other fields. And in recent exhibitions and even on the market, there have been some applications. The typical application we are familiar with is the LED lamp pole screen street lamp system built in the smart city. This system has many functions, such as display, communication, environment, lighting, etc. It provides great convenience for urban residents in information dissemination, mobile communication and other aspects.

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