LED Transparent Screen Getting Close to Commercial Display Market


After years of experience and baptism, the LED display screen has gradually abandoned the traditional display screen coat, and the market has gradually begun to attract much attention to become small pixel pitch LED display screen, LED transparent screen, LED lamp pole screen and LED special-shaped screen and other major creative display products. We can not deny that in today’s society, the traditional LED display screen still occupies a large proportion of the market, but at the same time these LED multi-color creative LED display screens with advanced display technology, leading the trend of the LED industry are gradually expanding

As far as the LED transparent screen is concerned, since 2017, the LED transparent screen has achieved a huge technological breakthrough than usual.

Recently, the Hanhai Puli Real Estate Project entered the market at the intersection of Huanghe Road and Jingjie No. 2 Road in a city center of Jinan Province. In order to create a better brand image and attract more business people, they also installed a new LED transparent screen on the glass curtain wall of their commercial sales center and broadcast business investment information 24 hours a day, which attracted a lot of investment. The attention of the capitalists. The transparent screen adopted by Hanhai Puli Center is the P10 transparent LED display screen independently developed for the LED display screen, with a total area of over 100 square meters and a permeability of up to 85%. This phenomenon can be used with the glass curtain wall, which greatly improves the commercial value and the popularity of users. As a professional manufacturer of LED transparent screen for many years, we have participated in many projects of LED transparent screen.

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