LED screen manufactures to target the small pitch LED display market?


Nowadays, high density and small HD pixel pitch LED display has become a hot product in the industry. New breakthroughs have been made in the pixel center distance of indoor LED display. The pixel center of indoor LED display has entered the era of 1.Xmm. It is believed that it will not be long before the stitching wall can be replaced as the mainstream display medium for the large screen of the monitoring center.

At present, small spacing display screen has involved commercial real estate, command center, radio and television broadcasting center, monitoring system, conference center and other places. Does this mean that small spacing display screen is the main market in the future? In this regard, industry insiders believe that small spacing LED screen main indoor applications, for product spacing requirements are very high, but not that there is no end,our new product P1.923 led panel has been able to meet the majority of market demand, and P1.667 products in high-end applications of demand satisfaction rate can also reach a high level. Therefore, is it necessary to vigorously develop products with lower spacing, such as 0.9 or 0.6 products, first of all, not a technical problem, but a market demand problem?

As most people in the industry think, high density and small pixel pitch LED display and its extended LED super TV have a bright future, but in terms of current technology and price, it is still difficult to enter the civilian market. It is the most competitive products that have higher use value and market share in the right price.

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