Several major reasons for the failure of LED display module chip!

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Many people do not know the specific reasons for the failure of LED display module chips, which is not uncommon in the LED display products. The most common situation is that the driver chip or constant voltage driver chip of the whole LED display module will smoke and burn at the same time, or the individual row driver chip will be burned. So what are the reasons for this? About the causes of this situation, LED display manufacturers have come up with the following reasons:

I. Reversal of the positive and negative poles of the power supply of the display screen

2. Abnormal high and normal brightness of module

It is common for the LED display panel to appear one dark line, one bright line and one bright line. Most of them are caused by abnormal wire arrangement or error of debugging parameters.

Third, the supply voltage of LED module is too high

Usually the rated working voltage of the LED display module is 4V-6V. The maximum limit working voltage of the integrated chip on the module is not higher than 8V under normal conditions, and the maximum reverse voltage of the LED lamp tube is also below 8V. Therefore, the power supply voltage above 8V will definitely damage the integrated chip and LED lamp. When the voltage exceeds about 8V, the conventional constant voltage driver chip will start to heat rapidly and possibly burn out in smoke. Normally, when the voltage exceeds 10-11V, the chip will be burned down to varying degrees after 2 seconds of continuous power-on. Because the output voltage of the LED display is 5V, the possibility of overvoltage will not be very great. Even if the control circuit of the switching power supply fails, the possibility of abnormal output voltage reaching more than 9V is negligible. Therefore, in the process of practical application, the causes of chip smoke burning are mostly positive and negative reversal, followed by module abnormality, and then excessive voltage.

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