Why do LED display manufacturers raise or lower prices constantly?

SMD-HD-P4-8-outdoor-rental-led board

With the coming of the new year in 2017, the price of related materials in LED display industry is rising as ever, especially in late March. Since March, the price of led video wall raw materials has risen and many enterprises are out of stock. According to industry sources, after the two sessions, the price of raw materials such as PCB will continue to rise.

The continuous increase of material prices in upstream enterprises is no longer a new thing. Just after the baptism of the rising price time in the second half of last year, some professionals expressed their optimism about the rising price trend of terminal LED display products. According to past events, whether from the perspective of the industry or from the perspective of the majority of users, the rising price of raw materials is bound to increase. Travel LED display manufacturers‘cost pressures, reasonable price increases are undoubtedly the best way to transfer pressure. After 2017, in addition to paying attention to the news of rising raw material prices, for the actions of downstream display manufacturers, we are always paying attention. We thought that in the near future, LED display manufacturers will usher in a wave of price increases, especially in March. Screen enterprises fired the first shot of the annual price increase of LED display companies, announcing their front door series: single red, single white, single green, single blue, dazzling red collectively raised prices, it is presumed that many people have sat waiting for the price increase of this screen to become more intense.

On the other hand, the price reduction of downstream strong screen enterprises also makes more small and medium-sized screen enterprises have to continuously optimize their own production capacity, technology, channel construction and supply chain. As we all know, the current industry situation of the big and the strong makes many small and medium-sized LED screen enterprises prefer to digest the pressure of rising prices of raw materials themselves rather than increase prices easily, which is already a bitter support. This set of price reduction is not to rely on the fate of downstream enterprises? If we don’t upgrade from R&D, production to sales, I’m afraid it’s not far from bankruptcy.

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