HD LED TV video display wall will continue to lead the way

SMD-HD-P4-8-outdoor-rental-led panel

In recent years, with the growing maturity of LED display technology, small spacing LED display screen as the main display screen is gradually becoming a new trend of the rapid growth of the industry. Especially in the market environment of the overall weakening of the LED industry in recent years, the overall performance of the LED display market is full of bright spots.

At present, small spacing and stage rental display has gradually become a new blue sea which LED display manufacturers focus on. In 2017, with the fierce competition among the LED display industry, the well-known enterprise of LED display will gradually introduce more small spacing and stage rental display to meet the ever-changing market demand with its strong technical strength and perfect after-sales service.

The newly introduced small spacing display screen has attracted the favorite of customers in the industry as soon as it appears. It is understood that the biggest bright spot of this product is that it realizes the pre-loading and unloading of modules, power supply, control cards and wires. In addition, it also uses a new design of wireless connection, which not only improves the neatness, beauty and effect of indoor small pitch LED, but also greatly reduces the hidden troubles and improves the maintenance efficiency. It is reported that since its launch, we have received the favor of a wide range of friends at home and abroad, which also includes old customers and new customers. At the same time, we are positively positioned in the high-end rental market.

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