LED display video screen vocabulary and words you must not miss

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Getting together with people in the LED display industry, the topic of discussion may become: how much pixel pitch of the led displays, how much  refresh rate of the led wall, how to use constant current drive… If there’s no way to plug in, it’s a terrible feeling. You may say that I happen to have no one around me who does this business, and it’s not embarrassing at all… But if you want to understand and even need to buy an LED display, then these nouns explain that you must not let go.

About LED Display Screen

1. What is LED?

LED refers to light-emitting diodes. The LED in display industry refers to the LED that can emit visible band.

2. What is a pixel?

The smallest light-emitting unit of the LED display screen has the same meaning as the pixel in the ordinary computer display.

3. What is the Pixel Spacing (Point Spacing)?

The smaller the distance between two adjacent pixels, the shorter the visual distance. Industry insiders usually abbreviate P to indicate point spacing. For example, the new product P1.667 hd led wall  is 1.667 mm in the distance between the points.

4. What is pixel density?

Also known as dot matrix density, usually refers to the number of pixels per square meter of display screen.

5. What is the LED display module?

Composed of several display pixels, it is structurally independent and can constitute the smallest unit of the LED display screen.

6. What is DIP?

DIP refers to two-in-line assembly.

7. What is SMT? What is SMD?

SMT is the surface assembly technology, which is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. SMD is the surface assembly device.

8. What is the LED display module?

The basic unit with circuit and installation structure, display function and display function can be realized by simple assembly.

9. What is an LED display?

Through a certain control mode, the display screen is composed of LED device array.

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