What needs to pay attention to when buying HD TV LED video display?


Small pitch HD screen is a general concept. Fifteen years ago, indoor space below P3 was called small spacing. Outdoor screen has no small spacing. Nowadays, it is generally believed that the spacing between indoor screens under P2.0 can be called small spacing, while the spacing between outdoor screens below P4 can be called small spacing. In 2017, the market of small spacing LED products is expanding rapidly. Small spacing LED display screen is asked more and more frequently by users. Although the concept of small spacing LED display screen has occupied the market, few people have full grasp of how to choose products suitable for their own requirements.

We know that the smaller the point spacing, the higher the cost of small spacing LED screen. Therefore, in the actual purchase, users should consider their own cost, demand, application scope and other factors. Before choosing a small spacing LED display screen, it is better to determine whether it really needs small spacing. This should be determined according to the actual situation. For example, outdoor lamp pole screen, P6, P8 can be selected, and the effect is very good.

After confirming the necessity of purchasing small spacing LED display, how can we maximize the investment benefits on the premise of meeting the demand for use? In actual purchasing, several factors must be considered as follows:

1. “Low Bright and High Grey” is the Prerequisite

As a display terminal, the small spacing LED screen should first ensure the comfort of viewing, so when choosing and purchasing, the primary concern is the brightness problem. Relevant research shows that, as an active light source, the brightness of LED is twice as much as that of passive light source (projector and LCD). To ensure the comfort of human eyes, the brightness range of small spacing LED screen can only be between 100 cd/m2-300 cd/m2.

However, in traditional LED display technology, reducing the brightness of the screen will result in the loss of gray level, and the loss of gray level will directly affect the quality of the picture. Therefore, an important criterion of high quality and small spacing LED screen is to achieve the technical indicators of “low brightness and high gray”. In practical purchasing, users can follow the principle of “the more brightness levels recognized by human eyes, the better”. Brightness level refers to the brightness level of the image that the human eye can distinguish from the darkest to the whitest. The more brightness level is recognized, the larger the gamut space of the display screen is, the greater the potential of displaying rich colors naturally.

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