Innovation is focusing on the development of LED display industry chain


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In today’s world, the trend of change and innovation is rolling forward. As early as 2,500 years ago, Chinese ancestors realized that “to benefit the people, we need not follow the law; to do things carefully, we need not follow the custom”. Change and innovation are the fundamental motive force to push forward the development of human society. Whoever rejects change or innovation will lag behind the times and be eliminated by history. —— Extracted from “Boao Golden Sentence” by Xi Jinping in 2018

With the development and growth of domestic LED display industry, no matter in the market or technology, other foreign-funded enterprises have no reference significance. Domestic screen enterprises can only use their own strength to technological innovation for the future, or even fall into the “no man’s land” of development. As an LED screen enterprise, in order to maintain sufficient competitiveness and promote the industry to become bigger and stronger, we should not wait passively and follow others blindly, but have our own attitude, have our own “dry goods”, and use innovation to let ourselves grasp the initiative and voice.

For example, sports industry is also an important direction of transboundary transformation of LED display enterprises. In the field of football, the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Sports Industry issued by the State General Administration of Sports points out that by 2020, the number of football venues in China will exceed 70,000, with an average of more than 0.5 per 10,000 people owning football venues and more than 0.7 in areas where conditions permit. There are 20,000 football schools with national characteristics.

The huge output space and growth potential are becoming the huge investment attraction of the sports industry, which can be used to play the full-color LED screen of wonderful scenes, commercial advertisements, LED fence screen which can play back the wonderful scenes on the field, LED screen which can be used to play the players’competition results and related information, and display the athletes’ checking timetable and checking. Recording information display screen, for all kinds of scale and grade walking race foul display screen, for long jump events take-off foul monitoring display screen. On top of the tuyere, the LED display enterprises which are closely related to the sports industry are speeding up the layout of the sports industry and playing with the LED stadium screen.

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