Continuous squeezing of DLP splicing market by LED video display screens

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Guide: A system video wall solution provider integrating research and development, production, sales and service of LED display, mainly engaged in three series of products: full-color high-definition LED display, green LED lighting and energy-saving LED brightening.

When it comes to the LED display screen, the first thing I think about is that it is stable and has a long life. Even if it is rainy and windy and the temperature changes suddenly, it can display the large outdoor LED screen normally. When it comes to the high-end market, I have to admit that most of the share is occupied by DLP splicing. But in 2017, this is no longer the case before – LED display will be DLP spliced into the original market swallowed up by the 7788. In addition to the large outdoor LED screen close to the indoor, but also benefited from the fierce speed of the development of small spacing LED.

Brightness is the weakness of DLP splicing unit, especially in products with long-life solid-state light sources such as LED and laser, the brightness bottleneck is also obvious. Due to the difference of luminous principle and structure, small spacing LED screen can not only achieve seamless large screen, but also have excellent resolution and color image, which poses a serious “threat” to the development of DLP stitching products in the field of indoor display.

“The response speed of LED screen is faster than that of DLP screen; the contrast of LED is higher than that of DLP; the visual angle of LED is larger than that of DLP; and the color restoration of LED is more accurate”. For LED screen enterprises, 2017 is a year of “wind and water”. Compared with DLP, LED has its own advantages, and the explosive market entry with small spacing completely breaks the balance on the surface! LED home TV and LED cinema refresh people’s regional awareness of the use of LED display. Indoor display is a large market of tens of billions, and eventually ushered in its battle.

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