Understanding the Advantages and Obstacles of LED Cinema video display


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We know that in the field of LED cinema, Samsung is a worthy leader. On February 4, 2018, Samsung and Wanda Group held the first business celebration of Samsung LED screen cinema in China at Wanda Plaza Shop in Wujiaochang, Shanghai. For a time, there was a lot of discussion about “film projector farewell to history”, “the most shocking so far”, “future film technology” and so on. But is that true?

In the cinema line, small spacing LED display has absolute advantages, in line with the DCI-P3 gamut standard, the brightness reaches 146 fl, which is 10 times the traditional digital cinema, plus active luminescence, naturally with high anti-light interference characteristics, can bring better viewing experience. The 4K led projector can only achieve high-definition image quality in the central area of the screen, and the edge usually has defocusing problem. However, at present, the ticket price of LED cinema is almost twice that of IMAX hall, which is a hard injury.

Low brightness is also one of the reasons for the criticism of projection. Low brightness can easily cause dizziness and eye pain caused by long-term viewing. By choosing suitable lamp beads, driving IC and controller, and designing reasonable circuit, the factory can ensure the different brightness of the LED display screen. At the same time, the LED display screen is active luminescence, and the surface mask adopts diffuse reflection design to ensure that the screen exposure is uniform and the display effect is consistent.

In the long run, it is not impossible for the LED film screen to replace the traditional projection. This vision will also lead the display equipment to a better direction.

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