LED Display Screens Calls for Product Renewal and Diversification

waterproof-IP68-high-bright led wall

With the development of LED display video wall industry entering the period of transformation and upgrading, the market wind direction is also unpredictable. The traditional led display panel market and many new subdivisions take turns to “sit in the village”. While the upstream manufacturers’technological and product innovation promotes the growth of the terminal market, the hotspot of product demand in the terminal market is also affecting the upstream manufacturers’ R&D and production activities. Under the guidance of small spacing, COB, mini-LED, microLED, etc., from indoor to outdoor, from commercial to civilian, LED display manufacturers are “organically available”.

According to relevant data, the global market demand for LED display will maintain a steady growth, and is expected to reach 917.347 million US dollars in 2021. The progress of LED display technology and the shuffling and integration of the industry in recent years have brought the industry into the stage of product renewal and market diversification. In this process, for many LED display manufacturers, choice becomes the most important thing. The entrepreneurs should not only look outward, accurately see the new era environment, new market changes and trends, but also look inward, re-examine the enterprise’s own advantages and core competitiveness. Here we can talk about some problems faced by the development of LED display industry from five key points that must be overcome in the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.

Fourth, innovation ability. For many manufacturing industries in China, the development of high-end products is a difficult way to innovate, and so is the LED display industry. It should be understood that intellectual property rights accumulated by innovation are important winning weapons for enterprises to participate in competition. The protection of intellectual property rights in LED display industry is far from enough, which affects the initiative of enterprises to innovate. The low rate of patent infringement compensation and the low degree of protection also restrict the development of LED display companies in foreign markets. At the same time, insufficient investment in enterprise innovation and lack of talents also restrict the independent innovation ability of enterprises.

Of course, these five “gates” are only several major aspects of the development of the LED display industry, and there are many details that need the attention of the manufacturers. With the further opening of the market, as well as the innovation of industrial technology and products, the screen enterprises will also have more development opportunities.

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