Installation Requirements of LED Display Screen in Shopping Mall

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In retail industry, especially in shopping malls, it is very important to put a suitable LED display for brand promotion and product promotion. The following are the requirements for installation and application of LED display in shopping malls:

I. Shopping Mall Indoor LED Display Screen

Features: 1. Personalized design, coordination and unification with installation environment 2. Insufficient maintenance space 3. Complex and changeable shape.

Solution of LED Display Screen

1. Select the flexible and flexible LED display screen, which can carry out diversified modeling design.

2. Ultra-thin LED display screen maintained before use.

3. Ultra-thin, close-range light, high requirements for screen clarity, you can choose the model of P3 P4 P5 P6 table-mounted indoor LED display.

2. Outdoor LED Display Screen in Shopping Mall

Main role: play the role of brand promotion and advertising; daily promotion and festival information transmission and display.

Outdoor LED display features:

1. Outdoor use, high protection requirements 2. Long viewing distance, high brightness, large screen area.

3. Consistent with the image of shopping mall, most of them are chain stores, which can realize remote control and operation.

Outdoor IP67 LED Display Solution

1. Choose full-color LED display products with outdoor protection grade (> IP54).

2. Unified design of LED display modelling and control system to achieve LED network cluster control.

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