Cautions for the Use of Indoor LED Video Display Screen Panels

HD led displays

As we all know, today’s indoor LED display is a very wide range of advertising display tools. The advantages of energy-saving and environmental protection of LED display are widely recognized and favored by customers. But recently, I often see on the Internet that some people say that LED display screen is prone to bad points, short service life and other issues. LED display manufacturers responded to this situation.

First, when the screen is opened, it should be turned on first and then on; when the screen is closed, it should be turned off first and then on. This can prevent the large LED screen, in the case of electrification, instantaneous high bright spot, burning the diode, appear bad points.

Second, pay close attention to temperature change, reduce working time when the temperature is higher.

3. When switching screens many times, the time interval should be at least 3 minutes to 15 minutes to prevent the short-time switch from burning out the diode.

4. If the power switch of the display screen trips frequently, in order to ensure the safety of the display screen, it should be turned off before checking.

Fifth, try to turn on the LED display screen after the computer enters the engineering control software. Reduce working time and prolong service life.

The above six points are the precautions for the use of indoor LED display, as long as you pay a little attention in the use of it.

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