Maintenance of Outdoor LED Display Screen advertising cabinets

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Compared with traditional advertising products, the LED display screen exists more in outdoor users. It is precisely because of this situation that we need to consider the complex problems of using environment, installation conditions, running time and so on. This requires us to regularly maintain these LED display screens in order to ensure the quality and life of the LED display screen. So how to repair and maintain outdoor LED display better? Now let me introduce it to you.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

1. Attention should be paid to the humidity of the environment around the outdoor LED display screen, so that the items with moisture can not enter the inside of the LED display screen. If the humid LED display is energized, the internal parts of the LED display will be corroded by water vapor, which will cause irreparable damage to the LED display.

2. The correct switching sequence of the LED display screen: (1) First hit the control device of the screen, then run the control software of the screen, after running stably, turn on the LED display screen on power. (2): Close the screen first, then the computer.

3. The screen has the most contact with customers, and daily maintenance is also necessary. Regular dust removal and cleaning of the screen can improve the display effect of the LED display screen and increase its influence.

4. Avoid possible situations that may pose a threat to the LED video display screen. It should be kept away from the screen. When cleaning the screen, you should also gently scrub it to minimize the risk of injury.

5. Screen power supply is also required to be stable, and should do a good job of grounding protection, in bad weather, strong winds, rainstorms, thunder, should close the screen, no longer use.

6. Regularly check the LED display screen, if there are any inappropriate problems, it should be timely reflected and repaired and replaced.

7. Screen interior should be closed to prevent water intake and other conductive metal articles. LED display should be placed in an environment with better air circulation and less dust. Large particles of dust will not only weaken the display effect, but also damage the circuit of the LED display screen.

8. LED display should be guaranteed not to work for more than two hours. In wet and cold seasons, the LED display panel should be run at least once every seven days. It is suggested that the LED display should be turned on more than once a month, and the lighting time must be more than 3 hours.

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