Intelligent City is in full swing with bright future for LED video display


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It is not difficult to see that in the next few years, the work of “Smart City” will continue to develop, and large-scale investment will inject continuous impetus into urban development. On this basis, how to use new technology products to improve the sustainability and livability of urban development has become the focus of attention from all walks of life.

LED street lamp screen can release media information remotely and in real time, with fast transmission speed, smooth video, animation and picture playing, and perfect visual effect, which will provide a strong guarantee for the construction of “smart city”. In smart cities, a large number of outdoor window newsstands and LCD screens will be replaced by small spacing LED screens. The reasons are not difficult to analyze: LED screens have unique characteristics such as long life, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, adjustable brightness, water and dust proof, strong anti-ultraviolet resistance, which can not only meet the needs of high-end industry application display, but also meet the requirements of smart city. The social development trend of high integration and digitalization under the city.

However, opportunities and challenges always coexist, “Smart City” brings great business opportunities to LED screen enterprises, but also brings us more challenges, whether it is to segment the market or re-explore the enterprise’s own positioning. In order to get a share in “Smart City”, LED screen enterprises should make full use of their own advantages and create more advanced products to keep up with the needs of “Smart City” and promote smart city management and sustainable growth.

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