Patents of LED Display Screen in China has a long way to go.

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First of all, two major events happened recently in the LED industry. One is the lawsuit filed by the LED display manufacturer in Georgia against Shenzhen Visual Judge Guangxu Electronics Co., Ltd. for infringement of the patent related to flexible display technology; the other is the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Yiguang, a Taiwan LED manufacturer, in Tokyo District Court against the Japanese Asian Chemical Industry Corporation, Xitiecheng Electronics Society and Daguang Machinery Society for infringement of 100 million yuan. Light patent technology. Which is right or wrong? It is impossible to draw a conclusion here. But these two patent wars have brought a lot of deep thinking to the people in the LED industry.

In this way, everything seems to be in a good state, but it is undeniable that in terms of patents, we are often in a weak position, which is determined by the large market environment of LED display in China. As we all know, the industry of LED display in China started relatively late. Although all enterprises submitted patent applications and obtained authorization according to their own conditions, the related patents are mainly concentrated in the industry. In the middle and lower reaches, especially in the packaging and application links, there are few real intellectual property rights layout, and the trend of plagiarism is also the “stubborn disease” of the LED display industry. From the appearance to other aspects, products are plagiarized and infringed. “Plagiarism” has been prohibited repeatedly, but now it has stepped out of the national boundaries, quite a “mix-and-match” situation.

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