Introduction and development of Small pitch LED video Display Screen


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For small spacing LED display enterprises, the same is full of opportunities and challenges. By sorting out the annual industry keywords, we can get a general glimpse of the overall development of the industry. Following is the explanation and introduction of the small spacing LED display screen by the LED display manufacturer.

In recent years, the large screen display industry is gradually breaking away from the pure technology competition and turning to the application for development, and small spacing LED screen enterprises are no exception. On the basis of improving the solution, how to integrate the real needs of users and make the display screen more usable, easy to use and durable, that is, how to enhance the user experience, has become the focus of small spacing LED display factories to seek differentiated competitive advantage. Intelligent small spacing LED screen is born in such an industry background.

With the small spacing LED industry stepping into the era of 2.0, intellectualization will become one of the main lines of industry development. Intelligent small spacing LED will eventually be used in more and more application fields such as smart city, smart security, intelligent transportation and so on, and will drive the intelligent development of the whole industry and the whole industry.

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