Tips for Selection and Purchase of Small pixel pitch LED Display Screen


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Nowadays, in the field of LED display, small narrow pitch video LED display has become a well-deserved star product, and its application market scale has developed very rapidly. However, after the marketing planning of each manufacturer, it is not unfamiliar to many users in the industry, but they still can not control how to choose their own products.

First, when selecting the brightness of the display screen, “low brightness and high gray” is the prerequisite factor.

In order to ensure people’s viewing comfort, the first thing users need to pay attention to is the brightness when choosing products with small spacing. According to relevant research, the brightness of LED display is three times as high as that of passive light source (projector and LCD) in terms of human eye sensitivity. To ensure the comfort of human eyes, the brightness range of small spacing display can only be between 200 cd/m3-400 cd/m2. However, in the traditional LED display technology, reducing the screen brightness will cause the loss of gray level, and the loss of gray level will directly affect the quality of the picture. Therefore, an important criterion for high quality and small pitch LED screens is to achieve the technical target of “low brightness and high gray”.

Secondly, the balance effect and technology should be paid attention to when selecting the spacing between display points.

Third: When choosing the resolution of display screen, attention should be paid to the collocation with the back-end signal transmission equipment.

For small spacing LED display, the smaller the point spacing, the higher the resolution, and the higher the resolution, the clearer the picture, which is the key marketing focus of LED display manufacturers for small spacing display. However, in practice, industry users want to build the best small spacing LED display system, while paying attention to the screen’s own resolution, they also need to consider its combination with the back-end signal transmission products.

Because there are many formats of video signals on the market, small spacing LED screens can not support all of them. Therefore, when purchasing small spacing LED screens, users must choose according to their needs, avoid blindly catching up with the trend, and avoid wasting resources.

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