Which is better? full-color LED video display screen P6 P8 p10?


Today customers encounter the following problems: which is better, full-color LED screen P6 P8 p10? Which is the best choice? In response to such questions, let us answer:

About the technical parameters of the LED screen P6 P8 p10:

Optimum Visual Range of Maximum Brightness Driving Mode for Pixel Density of Model Point Spacing

P6 6 mm 27777 point /> 1200CD /1/8 scan 6~40M

P8 8mm 15625 point /> 1600CD /1/4 scan 8~80M

P110 10 mm 10000 point /> 2000 CD /1/4 scan 10~100M

1. Point spacing is an important basis for model differentiation, which directly determines the pixel resolution per unit area of full-color LED display. Looking at the above, we can see that the dot spacing technology of full-color LED display from P6 to P8 has been reduced by 2 mm, and the pixels per square meter have increased by 12,152 points.

2. The driving mode determines the brightness of the screen. Because P10 led screen has the lowest pixel per unit area, its brightness is higher than P8 and P6. P6 is certainly larger in power consumption, mainly because of the characteristics of many pixels and brightness greater than 1200cd/.

3. Viewing distance, P6 picture is not distorted outside 6 meters, that is, no light can be seen, there will be no obvious mosaic phenomenon, P8 is 8 meters away, P110 is 10 meters away

In addition, in general, because the P6 full-color display screen is clearer, in the case of relatively small screen area, P6 can be considered. If the screen area is large, consider P10

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