How to develop small pixel pitch rental video LED display?


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The development momentum of LED display industry is vigorous. Small spacing LED display, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are successfully listed and landed, or are ready to try, or hesitate to wait and see. Faced with the opportunities and challenges brought by the LED display industry, what attitude should the small spacing LED display screen hold? How to go down after the smooth listing?

First, the temptation to turn the board is great, and healthy development is the right way. In fact, in addition to the many benefits brought by listing the LED display industry, the turnboard system has always been the biggest attraction for enterprises in the LED display industry. Many companies listed in the LED display industry have great expectations for their future turnboard prospects, as if enterprises to the LED display industry listed on the main board, small and medium boards or GEM found a shortcut. This part of the enterprises look forward to the expansion of the LED display industry. In addition to standardizing corporate governance and achieving financing needs, they also listed the LED display industry as a powerful springboard for the ultimate realization of listing on the stock exchange.

But it is worth noting that for small and medium spacing LED display, it is certainly a good thing to turn the board smoothly in the future, but this does not mean that the only way out is to turn the board. The ultimate goal is to make the small spacing LED display develop healthily through listing the LED display industry. Many small and medium-sized LED enterprises, as long as they make full use of the financing facilities of the LED display industry, can also obtain the funds needed for development. With the continuous improvement of the national stock transfer system, if the LED display industry can meet the needs of enterprise financing and stock circulation, there is no need to change the board. In a word, the first thing that enterprises should consider is whether the market can meet the financing needs of their long-term development.

Second, the valuation space is large, seize the opportunity to promote leaps and bounds. According to the analysis, 2017 will be a year of rapid development of the LED display industry, and also a golden year for investment in the LED display industry. Compared with the motherboard and GEM, the LED display industry is in the “new” stage and its valuation is low, but some companies’profit model is not available in the motherboard and GEM, which belongs to the scarcity and need of the market. In the future, the LED display industry will become “another gold mine” in the capital market, with huge valuation space.

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