Rapid Development of Small Pixel Pitch TV LED Display Screen


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After the 21st century, with the rapid development of social progress, with the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the dot spacing of small spacing LED display screen is further narrowed, the screen of LED display screen is more delicate, and the color is very bright. The original small spacing LED display can not meet the existing market demand. The market demand for small spacing LED display is increasing.

So what is a small spacing LED display? Outdoor small spacing usually refers to LED display products with spacing less than 4 mm. Nowadays, the dot spacing of conventional LED displays in the market is usually more than 7 mm.

First of all, the original small spacing point spacing is small, the pixel density is high, the number of beads used per square meter is large, and the corresponding cost is becoming higher and higher. As a result, the cost of the whole display panel has risen a lot, and its price exceeds the affordability of many small and medium-sized operators, thus affecting the development of outdoor small spacing LED display products.

Secondly, the original small-spacing LED display is a new product. It has high technical requirements for the LED display, especially for the quality of lamp beads, packaging methods, waterproof and dust-proof performance, which makes many manufacturers who want to enter the field of small-spacing outdoor LED display unable to enter the field, outdoor cubicles. The development speed of distance is limited.

As we all know, small spacing has huge profits and huge potential market, but it also has cost, social recognition and technical difficulties to be solved.

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