Led Chips are the keys for sustainable development of LED display industry


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Recently, the trade war between the United States and China has been in full swing. In this trade war, the United States banned the supply of chips to ZTE within seven years, which attracted particular attention. Chip technology, the most important part of the country, is the core technology of the electronic integrated circuit industry. ZTE chip incident reflects the shortcomings of China’s chip technology. The core technology is restricted by others, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

In the field of communication, chips in our country are heavily dependent on foreign imports, and the annual imports of chips are surprisingly large. Once the export of chips from abroad stops, our entire industry will face a state of shock, with very serious consequences. Chip technology is also the core technology in the LED display industry. It is necessary for us to understand the role of chip technology in the development of the LED display factory industry. The performance of the LED display is closely related to the LED driver chip. The next edition introduces the relationship between the LED display screen and the chip.

First, the types of driver chips: LED driver chips can be divided into two kinds: general chip and special chip. The so-called universal chips are not designed for LED, but some logic chips (such as serial-parallel shift registers) with some logic functions of LED display screen.

2. Universal chips: Universal chips are generally used for low-end products of LED display screen, such as monochrome screen and double-color screen in the house. The most commonly used general purpose chip is 74HC595. 74HC595 has 8-bit latch, serial-parallel shift register and three-state output. The maximum current output per circuit is 35 mA (non-constant current). General IC manufacturers can produce such chips.

The above-mentioned emphasis is on professional chip technology. The technology of special chip for LED driver is related to the quality and stability of the overall picture of the LED display screen. The core technology of electronic components like this must be firmly grasped in their own hands in order to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the LED display industry.

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