Understand the relationship between the price and quality of LED display


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Quality is proportional to price. It’s the same in any industry. If you care about quality, please respect its price; if you want to be cheap, please do not delude about the quality of the product. Of course, the same is true of the LED display industry. The higher the price of LED display products, the better its quality.

At present, with the acceleration of transformation and upgrading of the upstream manufacturers of LED display industry and the continuous improvement of terminal market demand, most customers have been able to accept the high prices of high-quality products and solutions very calmly. However, in this situation, some industry sales reflect that the products are getting worse and worse. Many customers are “entangled”, and sales tell him the price of quality. When it comes to price, he is not good at quality. Isn’t it difficult to communicate? Is that really the case? To clarify this problem, LED display vendors and salespeople must first understand the meaning of quality, price and brand and the relationship between them.

First of all, maybe you have mistaken the definition of “quality” of LED display wall screen. Quality can be understood as quality plus brand. The products with good quality and certain brand awareness (brand added value) can be called real good quality. Quality = quality + brand, which is the definition of the era of consumer upgrading market economy. If you are holding an unknown brand, or even a Shanzhai brand, how can you add value to the brand and how can the manufacturer talk with customers about product quality? Therefore, in the eyes of end-market customers, quality has a threshold. When your product does not reach this threshold, they naturally talk to you about the price, and the lower the price, the lower the price.

In short, “high quality and low price” is a legend. We should know that in the process of sales, only concerned about the price is generally a one-time sale, but concerned about the quality and service of long-term partners.

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