LED display screen will play an important role in the brightening project


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With the rapid development of China’s economy and the acceleration of the process of urban modernization, especially when human beings enter the 21st century, urban landscape lighting in China has gradually been attached great importance. This is because the urban night light environment and landscape image become an inseparable part of the urban landscape. The urban lighting project can not only create a good environment for people’s nighttime activities and enrich people’s nightlife, but also have a very important meaning for the prosperity of economy, the development of tourism, the establishment and performance of a city’s night image and the creation of a noble cultural atmosphere. Righteousness.

In the next five years, culture and tourism will surely be the focus of the national development plan. At the same time, the progress of LED technology in recent years has laid a good foundation for urban lighting engineering. Many people think that lighting is lighting, or lamp decoration. In fact, there are many new opportunities for the development of Dicolor LED display in urban lighting projects, such as display engineering, sky curtain, wall lighting and so on.

Undoubtedly, LED creative display plays an important role in promoting the commercial value of architectural landscape. Nowadays, with the renewal of technology and products, outdoor LED screen is not the same as before. Brick screen, rotary screen, spherical screen, curved flexible LED display, etc., make people unable to see it. LED creative display gathers popularity for commercial real estate, shaping urban landmarks, etc. The benefits have been widely recognized.

In summary, in the future, LED display will play an increasingly important role in the lighting project, such as in the process of urban lighting and building a beautiful countryside.

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