LED Small Screen Market is actually Big Business Opportunities


Background: Traditional small screen LED screens are basically large spacing, monochrome text screens. The display effect is not very ideal and the content bearing capacity is very poor. In this regard, LCD display has wanted to fill the market gap through “highlight” technology. However, even if the brightness of LCD is optimized, it is still difficult to meet the brightness requirements of most outdoor applications.

Compared with large LED screens, small LED screens seem to give people less visual impression, but since the rise of smart cities around the world, small LED screens in the field of smart transportation are like a unique, in today’s highly developed traffic, in addition to the alarming demand for traffic guidance screens, the demand for LED lamp pole screens is also inconceivable.

Intelligent lamp pole with lighting, charging, WIFI, display, monitoring and other functions is in strong demand, and in any region, any project, its demand is also quite large. It not only has unique advantages in road guidance, road condition broadcasting, information dissemination and advertising promotion, but also plays a considerable role in alleviating driver fatigue on expressways. In this way, even if the LED lamp pole screen area is small, people have to face up to its market value. Up to now, many domestic LED screen companies have tasted the sweetness brought by the new blue sea of the smart city, which has prompted them to increase their research and development work on the series of LED screens in the smart city, and helped the high-speed innovation of the display screen from appearance to performance.

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