LED Display Screen Helps the Construction of Intelligent Transportation

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“Stop at the red light, go at the green light”, which is an old-fashioned safety common sense, but still many people put the signal behind their heads, regardless of their own safety, running the red light, was ridiculed by netizens as “a handful of people can go, and traffic lights have nothing to do with the” Chinese-style crossing.

First, LED display helps pedestrians to run through the red light snapshot system to govern violations: the pedestrian red light snapshot system is not mysterious. It has been piloted in Shijiazhuang, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places earlier. It is mainly composed of many large-angle snapshots, voice prompt system and LED display screen. If pedestrians and non-motorized owners do not comply with traffic rules, the camera will record the whole time. Cheng. When pedestrians cross the waiting area under the red light, the system enters the early warning state by voice prompt “Do not cross the line”. If pedestrians do not listen to the dissuasion and insist on running the light, the system will enter the identification capture area, collect evidence of pedestrian violations, and play and expose the capture picture and video process on the device’s LED display screen. Perhaps when pedestrians rush through a red light and steal joy, they inadvertently look up and find that their behavior has been enlarged by the LED display screen for rolling broadcast, and the resulting sense of shame inevitably makes the public pay more attention to their words and deeds.

As the system continues to upgrade, in addition to grabbing pedestrians who run through red lights, the car owners will also be screaming loudspeakers on the screen.

Secondly, technology upgrading highlights the advantages of display: Pedestrian red-light snapping system is another innovative application of LED display screen. Compared with traditional LCD and DLP, LED display screen can not only achieve higher display accuracy and better color reductivity, but also has excellent dust-proof and waterproof performance, especially suitable for traffic roads with complex environment. In addition, with the continuous progress of technology, small spacing LED display has also made breakthroughs in outdoor applications, which is more conducive to the quality improvement of the screen display effect of the red light snapping system.

The application of LED display in the field of transportation not only saves the cost of social management, provides the precondition for traffic safety, but also brings great convenience for citizens to travel. At present, the leading enterprises in the industry have made great efforts in the field of intelligent transportation and launched numerous related products. As the carrier of communication, LED display screen is believed to be a better market in the field of intelligent transportation display.

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