Stadium led screen is the beautiful scenery of World Cup venues


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Recently, a news from Xinhua News Agency triggered a large number of repeats from fans: FIFA said that this year, fans who went to Russia to watch the World Cup will not leave doubts, because the video assistant referee (VAR) made a decision, the relevant game will be replayed on the stadium’s LED screen and equipped with text explanations to inform fans why such a penalty was imposed.

Why does such a news arouse widespread concern among fans and make people feel relieved? It has something to do with the ugly foul wars of those years, the violence in the World Cup stadium.

LED display screen easily solves the shortcomings of the first generation of court billboards that are not flexible enough in time and space. It can easily change content according to the requirements of sponsors, and the time is shorter. It can also meet the needs of sponsors in various periods. It can truly achieve accurate delivery, help brand display in LED, and let the sideline billboards really enter sponsors and also enter. The heart of the fans! There is no doubt that it will become a necessary supporting artifact for modern stadiums and gymnasiums.

As an advertising medium, in addition to advertising, LED stadium screen can also broadcast the game content and play back the scene, ensuring that the audience does not miss every moment of the game, at the same time, with light, music to set off the scene atmosphere, so that the event more ornamental, to create an immersive experience for the audience. Among them, LED stadium screen with light, thin, beautiful appearance, quick disassembly and assembly, arbitrary splicing as a bright spot, combined with high-strength waterproof, anti-collision characteristics, with the event to create an atmosphere and live broadcast, to achieve multi-window display function, playback wonderful video pictures of the game. Successfully registered in 33 European football associations, becoming qualified suppliers of European Football Association, the case products are all over the major international venues.

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