LED display video wall panel development to be away from low-cost competition!


In recent years, the fluctuations, shocks, changes and contests of the LED display industry have essentially one purpose for all enterprises: to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation through technological innovation, product quality and service level, so that the whole industry can completely get rid of the quagmire of low-price competition in the past.

First, although small spacing has become the main force, differentiation is still the key: for the market competition of LED display screen in 2018, there is no doubt that small spacing is still the main force. Similarly, the main battlefield of LED display manufacturers should also focus on the small spacing differentiated market, playing a differentiated innovation brand.

In 2017, in the process of the rising price of PCB board, which is the raw material of LED display screen, many factories lacking raw materials encountered a cold winter. On the one hand, raw materials and costs in the upstream continued to rise, on the other hand, the prices of terminal products continued to fall and break through the bottom line. This difference shows that the current LED display market has entered a mature competitive stage. Faced with the upstream raw material supply chain shocks and fluctuations, differential innovation based on display technology has an extremely important market pull role for display enterprises. Branding is the only way for LED display manufacturers to develop in an industry environment where the global market competition is accelerating. In addition, screen enterprises without these two hard conditions can hardly survive: first, there is no differentiated technology and product innovation capability; second, there is no mature supply chain system, waiting for them will be a harsher winter.

Summary: Faced with the ever-changing display market, no matter the distributor or manufacturer of LED display screen, they should find their own direction, do a good job in market positioning and accurate layout; in market management, we should not only expand the product scale appropriately, but also cover innovative products in the field of professional segmentation; and the most important point is that industrial competition should be “stable” as well as “go well”. “Not blindly” betting “can not engage in vicious competition, everything with user needs as a starting point.

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