Technological innovation is still needed for small HD pitch LED display


With the gradual penetration of small pixel pitch LED display products into the indoor commercial display market, new application forms are also emerging. Increased clarity makes close-range display more possible.

At present, high-end shops begin to use small-spacing LED display screen to broadcast commodity advertisements, and some manufacturers timely launch corresponding retail solutions. Among them, LED poster screen is the first one to become a mass-produced commercial display product. In the exhibition activities of high-end goods such as automobile exhibition, small-spacing LED display screen is more popular, with bright colors, flat and high-definition display effect, and automobile atmosphere fashion. Product image complements each other. Even if it is not suitable to watch for a long time and the cost of using is too high, which hinders the entry of small distance into the education market, the active layout of LED display manufacturers is still obtained. In addition to large conference rooms, multi-functional lecture halls and other places, the development of virtual simulation laboratories, intelligent classroom systems and so on is one of the directions of manufacturers’efforts.

Due to the structural advantages, it is not difficult for led screen manufacturers to produce different forms of LED display such as curved surface and 90 folded surface, which makes small spacing LED display more suitable for commercial display than other display products. With excellent display effect, combined with increased production capacity and lower product price, small spacing LED products will be more and more brave in the development of indoor commercial display market.

Therefore, if small-spacing LED display manufacturers want to share more market cakes, they must first solve all kinds of shortcomings of products, especially in the current education sector occupies 39% of the market share. If small-spacing products want to truly enter the market in this field, they still need to strengthen technological innovation.

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